Patent Licensing – Engineering – Marketing

Jenesis International Inc. is a successful patent licensing company that specializes in consumer electronic products for new and emerging markets, and reinvigorating old ones. Our expertise in both marketing and engineering has led to big results for our customers. Along with patent licensing, Jenesis has the engineering staff to develop outstanding designs that utilize our licensed technologies. Straight contract engineering services are also provided by Jenesis for quick-win projects.

Jenesis International Inc. can partner with your business on a contractual basis and under the right conditions through licensing to develop successful consumer products.

New Products and Markets

Jenesis customers have benefited from projects over the past 19 years, not only because they have new and fresh products to sell, but nearly all of the sales these have generated represent incremental new sales dollars to their organizations. Utilizing Jenesis technology, two of our customers have entered totally new product categories, which have grown to become important product segments for their business. One company has literally created a new division that is virtually dedicated to the sales, marketing and manufacture of Jenesis created products, and the patents we have licensed. Both customers are market leaders in their categories, both in terms of share and also product innovation.

Marketing and Engineering Expertise

For a new product to be successful it needs the right saleable features and the design well implemented. Jenesis understands how markets work at both the buyer and consumer level and what it takes to get the sale. We understand the delicate balance required between features, competitive advantage, and cost that makes a product line easy to sell and more important, highly profitable. Our careers and the companies we have worked for are filled with the fruits of our ability to successfully marry new product development and effective market driven product strategy. This combination of skills is very unique to Jenesis and a prime reason behind our legacy of success in new products. We continue to find ways to beat the competitors and lead markets with new product innovations each year.

Jenesis has a special knack finding new market opportunities and finding ways to secure valuable and strategically important IP. Presently Jenesis principals have 50 issued career patents, an amazing 80% of which are currently in production today. This is an amazing accomplishment considering only 1 in 20 patents are ever commercialized and a testament to the marketability of Jenesis innovations.

Small Company - Big Results

Jenesis principles were the prime new product force during the fast growth years at Heath/Zenith. Through major continual product innovations we built H/Z into the profitable share leader in motion security lights. We also founded the wireless chime line which became the most profitable H/Z line, and which continues to enjoy market dominance over its competitors.

Since the founding of Jenesis we secured a key patent and now a family of supporting issued and pending patents that have allowed Northern International, under the Candle Impressions and other brands to dominate the flameless candle market. Jenesis IP has given them a decisive marketing advantage, which has successfully allowed them to keep competitors and knock-offs at bay.

Through Thomas and Betts (formerly Lamson & Sessions), Jenesis has created a line of proprietary Christmas window candles that continue to lead this market. These products have been well received as a premium product line that offers high performance at pricing that brings in far more margin dollars per unit sale that inexpensive, poorly designed and manufactured China competitors. The IP Jenesis created for this line continues to give them an edge that allows them a place in the market despite many competitors.

Jenesis works quietly behind the scenes, but our product efforts can be seen in nearly every home center and dozens of other major mass retailers, including Home Depot, Lowe's, QVC, Ace Hardware, Sears, Target, Wal-Mart, Costco, K-Mart, Meijers, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Menard's, and have sold in the tens of millions.

Current Licensing Opportunities

Jenesis is ready to help your company immediately. We have several patented technologies that are ready to be licensed in the following categories in both the US and Canada:

  • Motion Detection
  • Nightlights
  • Landscape Lighting